April 17, 2021

Prevention in Air-Travel

How prevention has changed air-travel.
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Over the years, air-travel safety has dramatically increased!

By Jean-Francois Roulet

Improved aircraft technology, such as jet engines, protected circuits for all essential components (eg electronic engine and

flight controls), redundant systems, digital technology for cockpit instruments (“glass cockpit”), and fly by wire technology.

Improvements in Air Traffic Control Technology: Advances in GPS technology give controllers more accurate, real-time

information on airplane locations. advanced air traffic control systems make it easier to identify and dodge bad and

dangerous weather conditions.

Better training of pilots. Today’s flight simulators are far more realistic and involved than the past. The utilization and

technological enhancement of flight simulators allows, that a pilot can learn how to fly a plane without ever leaving the

ground. This ensures no passenger is ever subjected to an inexperienced pilot in the cockpit. Recurrent training, in which

pilots and crews refresh their skills and prepare for emergency situations, was initially introduced in the airline sector and is

now making a positive impact in all sectors of aviation.

Enhanced safety management systems and the safety culture in aviation industry have decreased the influence of the factor

“human error” in the cause of accidents as well. cockpit data monitoring systems – including digital audio and visual recording

equipment – are now widely used to identify safety trends that can be addressed by training.

Increased cooperation of IATA and the airline companies: Tapping into the potentially vast pool of data collected by more

than 27 million flights each year – rather than just the handful of flights where something goes wrong – will be key to

improving safety in the future, by using IATA’s Flight Data Exchange (FDX), which uses flight recorder data to identify systemic

risk issues.


Frank Landman: Air Travel is Far Safer Than You Think: Here’s Why

Read-Write 21 Dec 2018


How aviation safety has improved:


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