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Global Prevention

Promote prevention and safety.
Offer a platform for exchange of knowledge about the impactof prevention and safety in our lives.
Help others in the difficult task of implementing prevention and safety.
Make the world a better place. 
Only SHARED knowledge and ideas  can have a worldwide impact!
Every contribution is welcome.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown how difficult it is to trigger behavioral changes, even viewing deadly disease into the eye! Therefore, different specialists can learn from each other. In dentistry we know that for implementing a preventive behavior (e.g. optimal oral hygiene) there is a long way from the motivation to the permanent change: present the information; trigger awareness; understand the information; acknowledge the personal gain from changing the behavior; retain the information; and implement the content of the information into the daily behavior. In dentistry it is not that much a problem, since only one individual is concerned. If he/she complies we were successful, if not, the individual alone must bear the consequences. On the other side with an epidemic, whose infection rate depends on the behavior of multiple individuals, protest meeting under the moto “I want my freedom and the liberty to decide for myself” become very problematic and even scary, because the health of others depend on the behavior of the individuals. However, the basic problem is the same.

Share your knowledge with others for a better world!

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