April 17, 2021

Air Curtain Prevents Contamination by Covid-19-visus aerosol

The air curtain is successfully diverting the aerosols away from the dental care provider.
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High Speed Air Curtain Deflects Aerosols from Dental Care Provider

Air curtain attached to the protective glasses of the patient

The transmission of the covid-19 virus occurrs mainly throuh virus loaded very little water/saliva droplets, called aerosols. Dental care providers are under high risk, of infection, because with their work high volumes of areosol are produced from preparing teeth with high speed instruments under water cooling or from the use of ultrasonic instruments that are used for removing hard deposits on teeth (calculus) under water cooling as well. A good strategy is to deflect the aerosols from the care provider into the room, where they can be part of the general air circulation and thus are passing through special filters designed to eliminate all impurities (including viruses and bacteria) in the air of a treatment room. This can be accomplished with an air curtain, that is produced by a small metal tube with a row of tiny holes (diameter 0.15 mm). The air comes from the same compressor that is used to drive the airrotor (turbine).

The air curtain is diverting the aerosol away from the care provider toward the feet of the patient (simulation)

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