Global Prevention

What to expect

Our daily life is shaped by prevention! Only there it is called differently: Safety! The seat belt and the airbag are successful prevention of accidental injuries; the protective circuit and the fuses at home are the prevention of fires and injuries from electric shock, etc. We protect ourselves with sunscreen as sunburn and skin cancer prevention, in winter we wear warm clothes to prevent hypothermia and colds; and drink-driving is prohibited as accident prevention.


Safety can be defined as measures to prevent the occurrence of an unwanted event in general.
In medicine safety can be a synonym for measures to prevent from unwanted side effects of a therapy.
This shows how deeply intermingled both strategies are.
Therefore has been created to be a platform for everybody that is interested or is dealing with the creation of preventive or safety measures
, their implementation, execution, and their enforcement.

In the classical understanding, the term prevention is used in medicine and in dentistry, for measures to prevent the occurrence of a disease, or to minimize or prevent damage from a disease. In the latter case we may see it as causaltherapy as well.

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